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Hojicha – super yummy green tea

We all know that green tea is packed with antioxidants, making it great for our health. Sometimes though being good for you doesn’t equal nice tasting. In the case of green tea, unless you are super careful with the way you brew it, then it becomes very bitter. I am one of those people that brews a cuppa, walks away and totally forgets it. By the time I come back it’s ruined. 

Fear not, there is an alternative to the standard green teas sold in supermarkets: hojicha. Hojicha is my very favourite green tea. It is made from the leaves or twigs of the normal green tea varieties, but after picking is roasted in a clay pot to give it a nutty, smooth taste. It also lowers the caffeine, meaning it can be drunk all day long. I love to make a pot and drink the whole thing, cup after cup. 


Hojicha tea (image from wikimedia commons)

Hojicha is quite robust, and can stand up to 3 infusions from the same leaves, making it perfect for pots. The best brewing time is 2-3 minutes, but you can forget about it and return 10 minutes later and it will still be drinkable. 


The brown coloured leaves are characteristic of hojicha (image from wikimedia commons)

The antioxidant effects of this tea are lowered, as the catechins are partially reduced by the roasting process. It still contains approximately 60% though, leaving it on par with black tea overall. The EGCg and EGC levels are only slightly less compared to sencha though, so it will still give you fantastic health benefits. If you want to boost the absorption of the catechins, pop a slice of lemon in too. 

I buy mine from T2. You will not find it at supermarkets, but it is worth searching local tea stores for.

Happy drinking. 



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Yummy, yummy, goodie balls

Now bub is 11 weeks old, I’m starting to think about shedding the extra weight I put on while pregnant. This is not easy for me, as while I’m breastfeeding I find I’m starving. Unfortunately when I’m feeling tired and busy with my two girls, I often find myself reaching for rubbishy sugary foods.

So, it’s time to hit the kitchen and whip up some super easy goodie balls. I pack mine full of good fats to provide the calories I’m craving in a vitamin and mineral dense little package. The fats are also good for my little baby’s developing brain. Fresh dates provide me with B vitamins and the sweetness my body desires. They really are an awesome treat.

2 cups fresh dates, seeds removed (approx. 16 dates)
2tbs coconut oil
2tbs tahini
1tbs chia seeds (optional, as they are a bit like bird seed)
1 capful vanilla
1tbs almond meal
1tbs ground flaxseed

Throw all ingredients into the food processor, and process well. Roll into little balls, then roll in coconut to coat.

I recommend storing these in a glass container to avoid the fats allowing chemicals from plastics to leach into your treats.

I’m enjoying a couple of these sweet treats with a cup of ginger tea right now. Yummy!

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