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A cosy little home

I try to practice constant gratitude in my life, but I often find myself falling into the trap of wishing for more; more money, more and nicer possessions, and believing life will be better when I get more of x, y or z. The desire for more causes us to forget to be grateful for the many blessings we have; be they physical possessions or emotional or spiritual attributes. In my life, I have found this to be a source of significant discontent.

Last night I was reminded of how much I have, and how lucky I am. One of my pet wants relates to our house. At age 32, I live in a little old house. It needs a renovation to bring it into this century, the yard is unfinished and over grown, my furniture is mismatched, and we live on a main road. I frequently get house envy when I visit my friends, and find myself dwelling on how horrible my house is.

We are currently experiencing terrible weather and flooding in Queensland. The rain is unrelenting, and the winds strong and gusty. Yet here I am, safe in my very cosy house. High enough that there is no threat of flooding at all. When I entered the bedroom last night, I was overwhelmed with how fortunate I am. I have a secure roof over my head. My lovely warm bed is flanked on either side by cots where my precious children sleep. My little loves were sleeping soundly and safely, my big husband was ready to cuddle me, and the solid roof and walls of our house cocooned us in safety and comfort. It was in that moment I realised how lucky I am, and how wonderful it was to even have a house.

This morning when I walked over the broken tiles in the bathroom I didn’t groan or whinge. I accepted them as a minor character floor, and thanked the universe for my many blessings, this house included.


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