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Homemade sanitising wipes

We have started gently potty training Boo. It’s going really well, and is relatively stress free so far. It does involve a lot more cleaning though, and sometimes it’s tough to tuck the baby under one arm and clean the potty at the same time. Having a sanitizing wipe would make life MUCH easier, but we don’t use chemicals in our house. The solution? Make my own of course!

It’s really simple; all you need is some vinegar, tea tree solution, lemon essential oil, a bucket and some cheap cloths. I like the tea tree solution because it has an ingredient to disperse it through the water.

Add 1/4 vinegar, 3/4 water, 2 lids of tea tree solution and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Stir well, throw in the cloths and you’re done. Instant sanitizing wipes. Super cheap, natural and reusable. I wash mine with my nappies.





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Cheap breastfeeding necklace options

A breastfeeding necklace is a great option to entertain little hands during a feed. Most breastfeeding mums know the joy of being pinched, scratched, clawed and of having their nipple taken in odd directions when bub decides to look at something without detaching first. Ouch! I didn’t use a necklace with my first, but I definitely need one now. Lillypilly finds it hard to concentrate at a feed, when she knows her big sister is doing something fun nearby. Ergo, a necklace is required.

There are some lovely one out there. If I had the money I would buy this one or this one.
Alas, being a SAHM means this is not an option. Some thrifty options are required, so I’ve come up with this list of cheap breastfeeding necklace ideas

Use what you have
Search through your jewellary box for necklaces with bright colours, interesting beads and textured designs. Anything that can be pulled off the necklace, easily broken or rough on bubs hands is out, but that should still leave a few options. I found an old wooden necklace with different shaped beads. It’s smooth and Lillypilly likes the feel. Boo even wears it while she breastfeeds her teddy. Too cute!

Make something
I used to make jewellary, so I’m going to strand something myself. It won’t be fashionable, but I’ll use assorted colorful beads I have left over from my crafty days, and string it on tiger tail.

Another DIY option is to knit or crochet something. I have a shirt with a crochet neck line and bub loves to play with it

If you have no craft skills or materials, you could rip scrap fabric into strands and tie it together. Leave dangly bits for bub to play with. Trim regularly for loose threads though.

Hit the Op shops
Op shop jewellary stands are full of outrageous necklaces that were fashionable 5 years ago, but dated now. They are perfect for breastfeeding necklaces. Usually you can get one for under $5

Use a brooch
A beautiful brooch can be an option to using a necklace. Choose one that’s fun and colorful, or one with nice textures. Make sure you use the safety clasp.

Use a toy
The other day I desperately needed a necklace, but didn’t have my wood one on hand. I grabbed a small toy and held it at my breast and it did the trick. Not as convenient, but still an option

Hopefully one of these options appeal to you, and you get a cheap and effective option. Remember that these options don’t have built in safety clasps or double knotting, so caution and common sense are required. Never leave bub unattended with your breastfeeding necklace, especially if its a DIY option or not designed specifically for breastfeeding.

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