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Fresh pineapple icy poles

Icy poles are all the rage in our house, since the discovery of the tea icy poles The other day I wanted to make some with fruit, so I whipped up these beauties. They taste great, and got a big thumbs up from Boo.

1 small pineapple, core removed.
1/4-1/2 cup of coconut cream
Filtered water

Blend the pineapple with half the coconut cream, once it’s a liquid taste and keep adding coconut cream to taste. I find the pineapple taste intensifies when frozen, so keep that in mind. Once you have your perfect pineapple-coconut ratio, add a small amount of filtered water and blend again. Pour into moulds and freeze.

I love that this method uses the whole fruit, not just the juice, so you still get the fibre. Eat the core yourself, as it’s rich in Bromelain, a potent antiinflammatory



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Pineapple and Mint Slushie

Today was a hot one in old Brisbane town. The girls were hot and bothered by the afternoon, and a sweaty husband looked very uncomfortable after working in the sun all day. I thought we all deserved a cooling treat.

The last of the pink grapefruit have been falling off the tree, and I thought these would make a lovely slushie. After cutting them open, I was dismayed to find fruit fly larvae. I’ll have to put some exclusion bags over the young fruit before they ripen to ensure this doesn’t happen again. For now, it’s back to the vegie crisper to search for fruit to go in my slushie.

At the back of the fridge was some chopped pineapple. Perfect. Pineapple and mint slushies for us!

I threw some pineapple, ice and mint leaves into the blender and processed until smooth and creamy. While still blending, I poured some filtered water through the chute to thin it out a little.

It was a lovely cold treat to cool the family down on a hot day.

I love that!

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