DISCLAIMER: This blog is intended as a diary of my personal experiences as a mum and a naturopath. It is NOT intended to provide health care advice. If you wish to try any of the ideas contained within this blog, please visit your naturopath for professional advice tailored to your needs. If you are worried about a particular medical condition, please have it diagnosed by your doctor.

Who am I? What a difficult question! I am a Mum, a woman, a wife, a naturopath, a dreamer…

At 31 I had my first baby, and my world changed. The change was not unexpected, but I finally gave up my desire to have it all and just slowed down to enjoy my lovely baby girl. 19 months later and our family expanded to include a second baby girl, and my life became even more complete. Currently Boo is 3 years and LillyPilly is 20 months.

I’ve always wanted to write, but never knew what to write about. Now I am a Mum, I am brimming with experiences I want to share with people. Some are practical, some ridiculous, some are difficult, but the majority are joyous. I hope this blog reflects all of it.


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