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Why I think Frozen got it wrong

With the official news that Frozen 2 is under construction, I thought I’d take my anti-frozen rant to my blog. Because, yep, I think Frozen got it wrong.

Frozen was a revelation in movies aimed at young girls. It show cased two strong female roles, and it was the sister not the prince who saved the day – this is all pretty awesome

So why do I hate Frozen? Read on dear friend..

1. Mental health issues
Let’s me honest, Elsa has a serious anxiety disorder that her parents manage by teaching her that she should ‘not feel’ and to ‘conceal’ her issues/magic. It’s not her magic that is the issue, it’s her anxiety. Now this could be a powerful message on how anxiety (magic) can be managed, but no, let’s lock the crazy bitch up in the castle. That should sort her mental health issues out.. Seriously? WTF?

2. Skinny minny
Well done Disney for providing strong female leads. I am totally happy with that. But, why the fuck are they so skinny??? Women’s arms do not look like that, and head to body ratio in a normal body is not represented by their super skinny ladies. Come one Disney! They are not less awesome if they actually approach real girl proportions.

3. Elsa’s dress vs. Anna’s dress
Elsa’s escapes the castle and moves into the real world. At which point she dons awesome hair and a glorious dress, but decides she must live in solitude, because really no one can live with her mental illness!

Meanwhile Anna embarks on a super adventure where she overcomes her super bad judgment around men, and shows real fortitude and determination. To be frank, Anna kicks some serious ass in the saving of her sister. But who do little girls love? Not the girl with fortitude and determination; oh no. The girl with the nice dress is the ‘real hero’. Just ask my girls. How the fuck have we got to the point where a victim is the hero because she wears a nice dress. When two little girls growing up in a household where fashion is a non-event and career and academia are lauded STILL admire Elsa, you need to examine these issues in society more closely.

As a mum of girls I am happy to see a step forward in the type of women presented to my daughters. However I am frustrated that it stopped where it did. There is still so much work to be done in the types of media that are created for young girls. In the meantime my girls get a running commentary any time they watch it, and The Tradie gets stink eye for letting them watch it in the first place.


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