6 of my must-have baby products

This blog post was supposed to be 5 products, but I really couldn’t choose which one to cull! These are all tried and tested on my own kids, and are products I truly love. 

1. Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment

This wonderfully thick ointment was a godsend for my children’s bottoms. Both my girls had thrush and were very prone to nappy rash. I tried a lot of creams before finding this one. It contains calendula oil and vitamin E to help heal the nappy rash, and lavender and rosemary to help give an antimicrobial action. It is very expensive, and hard to find, but it lasts forever. I buy mine from David Jones. 


2. UV Naturals Sunscreen Baby

This sunscreen really works. I was always a little skeptical on natural sunscreens before I tried this. If you follow the regular application guidelines, it will even protect your little one at the beach. It is quite greasy, but worth it to not be putting chemicals onto babies skin. 


3. Hyland’s Baby Teething Gel

This homeopathic gel is a godsend during teething. You must start using it at the early signs of teething for it to be really effective. I have even used it if the girls are fussy for no reason. They both love their ‘toothy gel’ and hold their little fingers out so they put it on themselves. 


4. Ecostore Sleepytime Bath

This is a lavender and geranium essential oil blend that perfectly disperses in bath water. It’s calming properties aid in that bed-feed-bed routine. This product is a bit of a cop-out, as it is something you could make yourself. Sometimes though, you just want to buy the damn thing without having to make it. 


5. Mossie F.O.

We have a shocking mossie problem at our house, and as we are always outside in the garden I needed a good way to protect the girls. I’ve tried a heap of different brands, but this is by far the best. 

Mossie F.O.

Image came from this website. I know nothing about this site, I just used the first product image I found


6. Jack and Jill Toothpaste and Finger Brush

These tasty toothpastes are a huge hit with my girls, who run to the bathroom door and bang on it as soon as I say ‘time to brush teeth’. They contain xylitol, a sugar alcohol which is proven to prevent tooth decay. Boo’s teeth are so good my dentist is sure I use fluoride products. The silicon finger brush is great for younger kids, who feel mortally offended at you daring to brush their teeth with a brush.


Jack and Jill Toothpaste


Finger brush


What are your must-have products?

**My blog is entirely independent; i don’t do any paid endorsements or testing. If you come to my house, I will have all of these to show you 🙂 **



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