Quitting sugar: week 3 and beyond

I must apologize for dropping the ball on my sugar free diary. It has been really popular, and friends have now resorted to calling me to see how I am going. Life got busy, Easter came and we went away, I got exhausted and depressed, so yeah the diary went out the window. At long last I present you with week 3 and beyond…

Week 3 was the last week of super-strict sugar free eating. I found it quite challenging again, and I am sure that Easter chocolates bombarding me anytime I left the house didn’t help. When you quit sugar, you really see how much these foods are in your face every time you go to the shops. It’s a little depressing, and enough to make a ranty lady like myself get angry. Anyway, I stuck to my guns and arrived on the other side of Easter having completed 3 (intense) weeks of no sugar AT ALL! High 5’s to me please! I am really proud I achieved that, and I must thank the Tradie for his support in making it happen.

So what now? I have decided to stay fairly strict. Whenever I add some fruit in, or allow myself to use rice malt syrup, I find I have a lot more cravings. It is actually easier for me to be strict. These are my guidelines now.

  • No foods with more than 6 grams of sugar per 100g (although I really try for under 4g/100g)
  • The only sweeteners I use are xylitol and rice malt syrup – nothing else
  • Very limited fruit. One piece every couple of days

My taste buds have changed, and I have lots of interesting experiences with food now. Pre-quitting I LOVED sweet, strong black tea. Once the 3 weeks was over I added some xylitol to my tea, and sat back ready to savour it. And it was nice. I found that I wanted more. Badly. What I wanted was the sweet taste. If I drink my tea with no sweetener, then I am satisfied after 1 cup. Add some sweetness and I am hooked again, and need more. So back to plain tea and milk for me.

I love being sugar free. It suits me perfectly, and is something I will continue with. I thoroughly recommend trying it, and the Sarah Wilson book is a great reference to have. Do I think it suits everyone? No. I think it best suits true sugar addicts. If you eat an entire block of chocolate in one sitting, if you can have ridiculously sweet dessert and want more, if a tub of ice cream is a one sitting event, then yup I think you should give it a try. If you can eat half a slice of cake and be satisfied, then you are probably okay with sugar.

My last little comment is on anxiety and sugar. When I got back from Melbourne I had terrible anxiety and depression again. Desperately seeking anything to make me feel better I ate half a bag of mini-mars bars the Tradie had in the cupboard. It actually fueled shocking panic attacks. If you have anxiety, it is well worth remembering that the effects sugar has on your blood sugar can exacerbate your moods.

So now I can proudly say I live a sugar free life. I promise to not turn into a smug wanker when we have coffee though.


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