Antidepressants are just tops!

If there is one question about my PND that drives me totally batty, it’s when people ask when I can come off my antidepressants. It always comes with the best intentions, but it makes me feel like shit. There are two answers to this question. Usually I give this friendly, socially acceptable one: oh, I don’t know. When LillyPilly sleeps through, then my doc and I will review it. This is not untrue. When my little girl is weaned and sleeping through we will review my meds.

You know why this question drives me nuts though? It unintentionally implies that there is something wrong with me taking medication. It says that because I look well now, I should be thinking about coming off the evil medication, and getting on with my life.

I think we can all agree that antidepressants are over-prescribed, and that there are effective natural remedies and counselling-based therapies that could be used as a front line treatment. But I didn’t start taking medication as a front line treatment. I started taking it when all else had failed. I freaking love my meds. They saved my life; literally. I function most days pretty well now. Sometimes I even do awesome stuff, and am totally together. If I miss a dose, I fall into a crying useless heap for a few days. They allow me to get on with my life, and be the best Mum and person I can be. Why would I be in a rush to stop that. Do I want to be on meds forever? No. When will I be stopping them? No bloody idea, and that is totally okay. Antidepressants are tops.



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