Quitting sugar: week 2

Day 8 and 9

At this stage I am learning to deal with sugar cravings. They are really manageable now, so it’s nothing like trying to deal with them when I was eating sugar. Now I notice them, and make a decision: am I actually hungry and need a snack, or is this just a craving and will pass. I feel very in control of myself, and that feels really good. I am becoming in tune with my bodies needs too. I have realised I really do need a snack after dinner. The other big change is that my energy is consistent throughout the day. This is completely new for me, as I have always had poor energy. Now, I am getting through the day with ease. Amazing! There is a bad side to quitting sugar (well good and bad), and it’s how much sugar I see my girls consuming now. Yesterday they ate baked beans, bacon and homemade bread for breakfast (the beans and bacon both have sugar), then a bowl of natural yogurt with honey and crunchola (the honey and crunchola), and then grapes and fresh dates for morning tea. Previously I would have thought that was a good healthy morning, but now all I see is the sugar! When I move to the maintenance plan of this diet, I will start to change the girls food too. Of course I will keep healthy sugars like honey and fruit in for them, but overall there will be a reduction in the amount of sugar they eat.

Day 10

Today I hot footed it to the health food store to stock up on stevia and xylitol. I’m not planning to use the xylitol until after the strict 3 week phase, but the stevia is for now. I went to the shops, and seeing all the chocolate eggs EVERYWHERE really kicked some cravings in. I didn’t end up using it as 1/ it tastes like crap and 2/ I strongly suspect the weaning myself off the sweet taste is as important and life changing as weaning myself off the actual sugar.

Day 11

Today was tough! I’m not sure why, but all day I have wanted chocolate. My resolve was very sorely tested. I stayed strong, but it was very hard.

Day 12, 13 and 14

The last few days have been insanely tough! I have been having really strong cravings, and right now this quitting sugar business seems all a bit much. Yesterday was the first day I knowingly ate something that had sugar in it. I was out at a community event and had very few choices. In the end I selected a pizza, which definitely would have had some sugar in the dough. It’s not a major indiscretion, but still irritating given how hard I have been working at this. It’s another reminder that preparation and planning are the key to making it through the tough stage with minimal problems. Despite the cravings, it has not been all bad news. I went to the shops to grab breadcrumbs today*, and my cravings were so strong I was worried I would cave and buy a chocolate. When I got to the shops I found the constant bombardment of sugar foods, all prominently on display, to be really offensive. It made me angry and more resolved to be strong. So from this I can see my attitude is changing. I also decided to have a hot chocolate at night time with some xylitol, as a bit of a treat. When I made it, I actually found the cocoa and milk to be sweet enough – I didn’t even need the xylitol! This is a huge change, as I would have found this undrinkable prior to quitting.

I only have one week of the super strict regime to go, then I can relax and add some fruit back in. As tough as it has been I can see both my palate and attitude changing and adjusting. This is a lifestyle choice I feel really works for me. People have been commenting that I look better, and I’m losing weight (to be fair I am also exercising a lot more so it may not be related). It’s been worth the pain.

*Did you know the commercial bread crumbs have sugar in them? I ended up toasting some fresh bread and making the crumbs myself


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