Bathroom Safety: quick, easy and upcycled.

I really love the concept of upcycling: finding new uses for rubbish. Normally upcycling is done with lovely old materials and turned into some artistic and lovely creation. That’s very cool, but that is not going to happen in my world. In our house upcycling is uber-practical; even if it’s not pretty.

When you unleash the chaos of small children into your world, you quickly learn that your house is fraught with dangers that little people just love to find. Bathrooms are especially bad. You could spend a fortune on fancy gadgets to protect your little ones, but there are two bathroom safety items you can quickly and easily make yourself: a tap cover and a spout cover.


  • 1 old tennis ball
  • 1 soft drink bottle, between 1.25 to 2L
  • A stanley knife, or similar


  • Using a sharp stanley knife, cut an incision in the tennis ball about 3cms long (you can go wider if your spout needs it)
  • Now cut a cross shape about 5 cms long into the side of the soft drink bottle
  • To stop head knocks on the spout attach the tennis ball
  • To stop children turning on the hot water, attach the bottle over the hot water tap
  • Admire your handiwork

**Caution** Do NOT allow kids to play with the soft drink bottle once cut. Both my girls (yes both) have stuck their hand in there and scratched themselves trying to get it out. It’s not a serious injury, but you will be pretty sure you’re a shitty parent afterwards (especially if you didn’t learn the first time like me)


Old tennis balls can always be found around tennis courts. No need to buy new.



The incision doesn’t need to be big, as you don’t want it to come off to easily.



Again, don’t cut this too big. It should be hard to get off.




It’s not pretty, but it reuses rubbish and it works!


Have you got any simple safety tips like this? Please share!


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