How to keep cut apple fresh

I understand the lure of convenience foods, I truly do. I try not to be all judgey on parents food choices, especially when I can see they are trying their best. One product that really irks me though are sliced apples in a packet. I feel angry at companies like this, who prey on our concerns for providing good food that kids will not bin. No one likes a soggy sandwich, and the companies that make these packaged apple slices would like you to think the brown apples are inevitable. That’s just not true.

The trick to keeping apples looking fresh and perky is stopping the oxidation process. Sounds technical? So totally not. All it takes is a squeeze of lemon, and voila! Crisp apple slices that last all day.

The method

Simply slice up your apple, and place in a bowl. Add enough water to just cover them. Then get half a lemon and give it a good squeeze. I leave them in the bowl for about 2-3 minutes. Enough time to rummage through the tupperware drawer basically. Pop them straight from the bowl into their container, and you are done. You can’t taste the lemon either. I promise.

The slices in the picture below come from 3 small apples, and I used most, but not all, of the juice from my half lemon.

It truly is that easy, and you don’t need to waste money or packaging on buying them pre-made. The other benefit is avoiding the 3 additives these companies use to keep them from going brown. Hooray for home chopped!


These sliced apples are safe from the horror of going brown.


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