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The Truth about Coconut Oil

I HAD to re-blog this great post on coconut oil. I love coconut oil, but it does need to be kept in moderation. I could not agree more with the conclusion that a lot of the buzz around this food is driven by marketing.

The Nutrition Guru and the Chef


If there is one food product that has exploded onto the health food scene over the last 12 months, it’s coconut oil. Added to chocolate bars, pour it on your cereal, eat it with a spoon, or pour it on your salads. I’ve seen claims by health food companies that it will burn fat and help you to drop weight fast, reduce inflammation, make you happier, and cure arthritis.

A big part of the coconut oil explosion can be put down to the point in time when super gorgeous, super healthy supermodel (I won’t mention names)announced that she had been eating it since she was a teenager, and has teaspoons of it every day to keep her healthy. Now, who wouldn’t have a desire to look like a supermodel, and if it gives us extra nutrition benefits such as clear skin, lower our risk of heart disease and can help…

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