A thank you, and a promise

The response from my last post has been overwhelming. My blog had double the amount of views than I had ever had, friends and strangers sent messages of support, and the whole experience was very positive for me. It also made me realise how important writing about my experience with post natal depression is. So I have made the decision to continue to write about it. When I first started this blog, I wanted it to represent the journey I was on, and what I was learning. The truth is, the major part of my journey now, is trying to overcome post natal depression. Home made play dough, and teething rusks are all well and good, but to be honest some days my journey consists of trying to survive the day without committing myself to hospital. If I truly want to share my journey, I must also share this part.

I truly hope that in doing this other sufferers of mental illness may find support, ideas, comfort and hope. I use the general term sufferers because it’s not just mothers with PND who I write for, it’s everyone who has ever had to struggle to live under the shadow of mental illness. Maybe I’ll even find a measure of peace for myself in writing about it.

I will still blog recipes, fun play ideas, and other aspects of motherhood too. Those things are also present in my life, and deserve to be shared. I want to thank everyone who read the last post though, for showing me the kind of support that allows me to put my journey out there and show motherhood in all its aspects. Much love and gratitude to you all xx


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