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Two ways with tea

I LOVE tea. It is an obsession with me. Not to the point where I have a fancy multi temperature kettle and know anything technical about it, mind you. Just a love for the versatile beverage, and a belief that a cuppa and a chat could bring peace to the world.

I recently visited a fellow naturopath, and have my tea love taken in an all new direction – icy poles! Yep, you read that right, icy poles. In a bid to entertain our toddlers, my mate got them some home-made icy poles. Naturally I enquired as to the ingredients, and was told they were made from tea and fruit. Genius!

So here are some ideas for my first way with tea: Tea icy poles!

Fruit infusion tea with berries

Make a strong cup of a fruit based tea. I love blue lagoon from The Tea Centre, so I make mine with that. Toss in some frozen blueberries and freeze.

Cooling peppermint and cucumber

Brew a pot of peppermint tea, allow to cool, and water down to taste. Grate some cucumber and mix through. Perfect for a hot day.

Chamomile and orange

Great for anxious kids. Brew a strong pot of chamomile, and add segmented oranges. Freeze.

If you have a young baby who is teething, you could make this without the orange. It would make a perfect teething icy pole. If bub is too young to hold this, soak a corner of a face washer in the tea and freeze. Bub will be able to manage this much easier and get cool relief from the iced corner.

Ginger and raspberry

Excellent for upset tummies and pregnant ladies. Grate fresh ginger and infuse for a good long time. Add some frozen raspberries and freeze.

My second way with tea is to make a refreshing ice tea. Those bottled versions at the shop horrify me, as they are full of sugar and additives. Make your own instead!

Brew a strong pot of your favourite tea. I always use herbals, and again the blue lagoon fruit mix is my favourite. Once cooled, add sliced lime or lemon, and some quartered strawberries. Put in the fridge to chill. Drink liberally for refreshment. The strawberries give the tea the most delicious fragrance and taste. Enjoy


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