Homemade sanitising wipes

We have started gently potty training Boo. It’s going really well, and is relatively stress free so far. It does involve a lot more cleaning though, and sometimes it’s tough to tuck the baby under one arm and clean the potty at the same time. Having a sanitizing wipe would make life MUCH easier, but we don’t use chemicals in our house. The solution? Make my own of course!

It’s really simple; all you need is some vinegar, tea tree solution, lemon essential oil, a bucket and some cheap cloths. I like the tea tree solution because it has an ingredient to disperse it through the water.

Add 1/4 vinegar, 3/4 water, 2 lids of tea tree solution and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Stir well, throw in the cloths and you’re done. Instant sanitizing wipes. Super cheap, natural and reusable. I wash mine with my nappies.





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Filed under Eco baby, Green living, Home made and DIY

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