Yummy, yummy, goodie balls

Now bub is 11 weeks old, I’m starting to think about shedding the extra weight I put on while pregnant. This is not easy for me, as while I’m breastfeeding I find I’m starving. Unfortunately when I’m feeling tired and busy with my two girls, I often find myself reaching for rubbishy sugary foods.

So, it’s time to hit the kitchen and whip up some super easy goodie balls. I pack mine full of good fats to provide the calories I’m craving in a vitamin and mineral dense little package. The fats are also good for my little baby’s developing brain. Fresh dates provide me with B vitamins and the sweetness my body desires. They really are an awesome treat.

2 cups fresh dates, seeds removed (approx. 16 dates)
2tbs coconut oil
2tbs tahini
1tbs chia seeds (optional, as they are a bit like bird seed)
1 capful vanilla
1tbs almond meal
1tbs ground flaxseed

Throw all ingredients into the food processor, and process well. Roll into little balls, then roll in coconut to coat.

I recommend storing these in a glass container to avoid the fats allowing chemicals from plastics to leach into your treats.

I’m enjoying a couple of these sweet treats with a cup of ginger tea right now. Yummy!


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