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The new dirty word

Vaccination.. no word causes more debate or worries a new parent more. Should you or shouldn’t you, and what will people say about your decision.

I, for one, am sick to death of this topic and want to stick my fingers in my ears and hum ‘la la la la la’ every time it gets brought up. So why am I blogging about it? Because I want to ask for a vaccination time out.

My partner and I partially vaccinated our child, to the absolute horror of everyone we know. Anti-vaccination people cannot believe we ‘injected our child with those to toxic materials’ while pro-vaccinators think we are ‘negligent’ for not protecting our child against preventable disease. I can assure you, it’s lonely on the fence.

I think it’s time for everyone to stopping judging parents decisions about vaccination. In the absence of definitive proof one way or another, each parent should get to make their decision free from the judgement of others. The truth is we really don’t know if vaccination is good, evil or somewhere in between. We don’t! I’ve read the research and there is good arguments on both sides. We need more money, more unbiased researchers and more time until the truth will be revealed. And you know what I suspect? It’ll be somewhere in between.

So in the meantime, can we all take a chill pill and drop the judgement? It’s hard enough been a parent and trying to make a million decisions about what’s best for your child without having people judge your decision about vaccination too. And just a reminder, telling me I should read such and such author, watch this documentary or get onto the whatever website is just another form of judgement. You might think you are being clever, but I know what you are really saying is that you think I have not read all the right information, and if I just read/watched this person’s work I’d realise I’m wrong. What I’m actually doing is ignoring you and humming ‘la la la la la’ in my head!



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