Breast feeding ‘politics’ – a post and a response

I absolutely had to share this recent post and comment doing the rounds on the net.

Well known Australian blogger and social commentator Mia Freedman recently posted on her blog about her thoughts on the over zealous promotion of breast feeding becoming ‘borderline bullying’. Within this post she shared the story of a friend in hospital who needed some formula. Read the original blog here

Model and author Tara Moss, who is also a UNICEF ambassador, responded to this blog post with an articulate and evidence based response. It is one of the best articles I have read in a long time. This response is not supposed to demonise those who formula feed, for any reason. It is instead a comment on the importance of health workers continuing to promote breast feeding at every opportunity. Read Tara’s response here

I hope you enjoy these blogs if you have not seen them already, and find them as informative as I did.


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