Fast food baby

The other night I watched a TV show that was truly shocking. Fast food baby aired on ABC2, and followed three children under three who ate fast food at every meal. EVERY meal! One child even had 6 cups of coke a day!

This type of diet for a child is nothing short of abuse. We were all outraged by the ‘smoking baby’ in Indonesia, but fast food for children does not elicit the same response. Why? In Australia, obesity has now overtaken smoking as the leading preventable cause of death. A diet consisting of only takeaway or convenience foods, will lead to obesity in nearly all cases. Yet people remain apathetic about food choices for children.

I see diet as one of the most important aspects of parenthood. Nutritional needs are massive in the growing child, and this should only be met with high quality nutritious food, filtered water and a balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. All additives should be removed from the diet of young children; they just are not safe, especially in the quantity and variety consumed in a modern diet (additives are only tested for safety individually, there is no data available on the effects of combining additives. Information on safe amounts is also not released, so the consumption of multiple foods with additives may in fact be exceeding the safe daily level).

We all want our children to be healthy, and most of us would never deny our children an important medicine if they were very ill. Good nutrition is the medicine that ensures good health. A good diet gives nutrients for growth, energy for play, helps build a healthy immune system, ensures good brain development and makes for happy, energetic kids. Fast food gives nothing but a lifetime of health issues.

If you have trouble choosing or preparing healthy foods for your kids, get some help. See a naturopath, nutritionist or your local child health centre. There are plenty of resources for parents out there. If you have a picky eater, check out this book

Good food can be prepared easily and affordably. I find it so satisfying to see my daughter eat a beautiful, healthy meal I made with love for her. I know you will too.
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2 responses to “Fast food baby

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Natural Mum :). This is one of my top priorities and I am always really conscious of what I give my daughter. With her first birthday coming up we are experimenting with sugarless cakes sweetened with agave or coconut oil. I just don't want turning one to be met with a load of sugar and unhealthy options when I have been this strict to date. Saying that though, I can't believe how many people offer her bad food when we are at gatherings or out and about (particularly over Xmas) and then when I say no make me feel like I am doing something wrong. I am constantly met with “oh the poor thing, let her have a chip” or “how can you give her a rice cake when we're all having cake, that's just mean” not to mention the reaction we have got when I have mentioned our intention for her birthday cake!! I am sure that this will continue as the years roll on but I am determined to provide Zahli with the best start in life possible and teach her what's best nutritionally so she can grow up to make the right choices!!

  2. Anonymous

    “Oh the poor thing, just let her have some”…I heard that so many times! My daughter is 12 now and makes excellent food choices. I copped a lot of critisism over the years, but I am happy to have stood my ground and not caved to the pressure of “concerned” friends and relatives.

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