The not-so-subtle art of infant communication

My baby has become a whinger. At the tender age of 10 and a 1/2 months, my sweet little angel has learned to communicate. We are yet to master more than two words, but who has to when a shriek and crying works just as well. It’s proving VERY effective for her too.

We are one of those ‘radical’ households who have a ‘no crying’ rule for our bub. I do not buy into the theory that been left to cry is in some way important for her development. However, this means that I am also not accustomed to ignoring crying. So all day long little miss has sooked and carried on, and all day long I’ve sighed and given her what she wants. Can’t reach that toy? Mummy will get it. Don’t want mummy to leave? Okay I’ll stay. Want mummy’s dinner instead of yours? Fine, have it. Oh dear! I can see a problem brewing here.

Baby girl has developed some effective methods too. Her very favourite is to grab her hand while crying and staring up at me. This has the effect of making me unsure if she’s hurt herself or not. This trick works nicely during cooking. I’m stirring the meal and next thing baby girl cries out with gusto. I spin around and there she is, holding her hand, and demanding attention. There’s no evidence of injury, but how can I be sure. I pick her up. She smiles. A point goes to the baby. Sigh.

Do I have a solution? Not yet. I have no doubt that there is a suitable response that allows me to teach my baby girl that not everything comes to you when you cry whilst still showing her that I am here to support her and help her. I just need to find it. In the meantime I can use this blog to have a little whinge…



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2 responses to “The not-so-subtle art of infant communication

  1. God love you hun. It really is hard and funny. I myself was happy to let them cry mainly cause I had exhausted every last trick to figure out what was wrong. In the end build some resilience was my only way of coping. I will say no matter what age they are…. they are very very very very clever little beings and will figure us out way before we figure our selves out!
    Keep searching for answers that suit your parenting methods. Books is usually my way and of course talking. And yeah have a whinge, it wont be the last time you will want to!!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I totally get the desperation that drives mothers to try controlled crying. There have been times I have put my girl in her cot screaming, and gone to the toilet to cry for a few minutes. I always go back to get her, but have no judgements on mothers who are too worn out to do this. Raising a baby is hard yakka isn't it!

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