Sleeping like a baby

Is there any more ridiculous statement than this? Perhaps if you are describing frequent night waking, resistance to obvious tiredness and long nights insisting someone rock, pat or cuddle you, then this statement would be apt. Its general association with deep sleep is one only the childless would be fooled into believing. Babies are terrible sleepers. Simple as that.

I’m typing this while sitting in the car. It’s parked in the driveway and I’m sucking back a hot chocolate like it’s the holy grail of stimulants (which it is to a breastfeeding mumma whose baby can’t even tolerate black tea). After yet another night waking every couple of hours, little miss had fallen into a lovely deep sleep in the car! I know the minute I pull her out she will decide that she’s slept enough and it’s playtime. Hence the hot chocolate. Fortification for the upcoming adventures.

Sleep must be the biggest issue any mother faces. It’s also the only one that there is no real treatment for. Homeopathy and osteopathy can help if there is an underlying issue, but for most babies they just need to learn to do it better. Sleep routines can take up to three years to develop, so I guess I’m in for the long haul.

I find it easier to treat me than fight baby girl. A good daily multivitamin, and some extra B vitamins and magnesium on really bad days help give me a boost. Good regular meals ensure my blood sugar is stable, removing a common source of low energy. On really bad weeks, I take a herbal formula of adaptogens – awesome herbs that help your body cope with stressors better. These really need to be prescribed by a naturopath, especially if your breastfeeding, but it is well worth the trip to your local practitioner.

Aside from that, you need oodles of patience, love and understanding. And a cafe that will bring you a hot chocolate out to your car.



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2 responses to “Sleeping like a baby

  1. I am loving reading these posts. Thank you x

  2. Oh my heart goes out to you in these moments. It seems like only yesterday that I was feeling the same stuff!

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